It is time for intelligent and self-aware contracts

Easily create, execute, monitor and maintain contracts. Get AI powered deep contract analytics and monitor contractual obligations in real time to reduce contract risks.





A smart platform that helps you take complete control over legal contracts by leveraging technology that guarantees trust, automates tracking and provides a repository. All of your contracts in one place that are almost self-managed.



Create a contract in minutes from a vast library of legal templates

Invite multiple parties to the contract from your contacts

Never miss a deadline. The system detects contractual obligations and automates their execution

All of your contractual obligations in one place. Monitor and track contracts through their lifecycle

Simplify audit and complaint processes with customizable reports

Not in English? Create contracts in virtually any language

Use integrated APIs to create and track contracts with IOT devices



Negotiate and enter into agreements with anyone on the global Kontrakt network within minutes.



A fleet of features and well defined APIs make contract management simple and efficient for businesses.



Digitize and secure your legal assets such as living will, land titles and more with immutable storage.



Monitor and maintain contractual obligations of connected systems with no manual intervention.



Blockchain is the fundamental foundation of our platform which provides cryptographically secured immutability. An intuitive user interface enhances the user experience.

A state-of-the-art algorithm that uses cryptographyically secure keys as well as facial, voice, location and device signatures to ensure secure authentication and minimize fraud. Complete control of your identity once established ensures your privacy.

An intuitive navigation allows you to manage everything from a simple dashboard. View your contracts, search contracts by a key word, sign/reject agreements, montior automated tasks, run tasks, manage your identity and more. A simple and effective user experience!

Transform your dumb contracts into smart contracts. AI algorithms parse and detect contractual obligations; automatically add context based executions like due dates, renewal processes, and reminders. Create a contract and our platform will take care of the rest!

With our automate feature you can automate simple executions of contracts so no deadline or contractual obligation is missed. Automated tasks can be overridden by manual execution giving you complete control on when to run a task. View all your automated tasks at one place, sort them by execution date or type for a complete overview of your obligations!


Highly interconnected and intelligent contractual relationships between individuals, businesses and machines is the future. That future needs a platform that fuses blockchain, Internet of Things, and AI for a tailor-built solution.


TRUST. Immutability is guaranteed through blockchain framework. Never worry if contracts are tampered with after agreement is reached.

IOT. As more and more devices are connected, contractual relationships between devices will increase exponentially. Allows for efficient management of contracts.

AI.Machine learning models transform static contracts into self-aware, self-executable, and self-managing ones. Let the platform do the work for you.

FEATURES. Support for different languages, one-click accessibility, and reporting among others. Provides an enhanced user experience.


We are a team of industry veterans on a mission to realize the full potential of this breakthrough technology.